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The south of Bonaire is home to superb diving, huge with flamingos filled salt ponds and windswept Lac Bay.

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The southwest shore of Bonaire, from Punt Vierkant Lighthouse to Willemstoren Lighthouse, is decorated in bright colorful dive and snorkel sites. Dive sites such as Alice in Wonderland, Tori's Reef and Larry's Lair are covered in coral sponges, anemones, staghorn corals and plenty of marine fish.

Besides scuba diving, you can visit the 9000 acres large Solar Salt Works of Cargill Salt still producing tons of salt which are loaded on boats from the Salt Pier. These enormous salt flats are also home to a very large population of pink flamingos who feed on shrimp abundantly living in brackish water. The sun transforms the white-golden-red sand at Pink Beach to one of the prettiest beaches on Bonaire. At the southernmost tip of Bonaire you can find several former slave huts and the popular Willemstoren Lighthouse which was built in 1837. Lac Bay is a large but shallow bay, often with a lot of wind and therefore very popular for windsurfing. At nearby Lac Cai you can explore huge hills of shells; you can book a guided kayak tour towards Bonaire's only mangroves or visit the many birds that live here. Wherever you go, the south is remote, offering some of the best diving sites on the island.

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- Bonaire East Coast Diving, Kaminda lagun, Kralendijk

Bonaire East Coast Diving

Bonaire East Coast Diving
 Kaminda lagun

Bonaire East Coast diving specializes on The East Coast of Bonaire.

Bonaire East Coast diving specializes on The East Coast of Bonaire.

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